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Our Vision Is Our Mission and our Goal: To Be America’s Premier Food Company!

-Joseph Lirosi CEO, GFCUSA

We are Trade Managers for manufacturers in the food industry.

GFCUSA trade managers concentrate on meeting customers’ needs for quality, product suitability to purpose and service in designing and executing private label and co-packing programs. GFCUSA trade managers assist in the sourcing, coordination and inter-mediation of all aspects involved in bringing private label food products to market.  In a ferocious business environment, our trade managers are the lean and mean supply source.

I’m Joe Lirosi and I want to welcome you to the website of GFCUSA.

GFCUSA maintains strong long term business relationships with a number of authorized food manufacturing plants that have capabilities for export, private label, co-pack and food ingredient sales. We focus on three main categories: Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen.

Many times, the billing for your products may come from the authorized plant which manufactures your product to our specifications. In other instances billing might come directly from our sales offices. Either way, you can be assured we will do everything possible to meet your needs in the most cost efficient manner possible.

For purposes of clarification:

“Export” involves all sales whose final destination is a port outside the United States of America.

“Private Label” manufacturing and “Co-Packing” (also known as Contract Manufacturing) may seem like the same thing at first glance, but they’re not.

“Private Label” manufacturing results in products made only for store brands and according to the retailer’s specifications. The products carry the retailer’s label, and consumers are typically not familiar with the manufacturer.

“Co-pack” manufacturing involves more complexity than Private Label production of store brands. Co-pack manufacturers enter into a contract agreement with a customer to produce goods – either store brand or national brands – according to the customer’s specifications. The customer creates the brand, and the manufacturer makes the product.

GFCUSA can help you dominate in any and all of these channels. Give us a call and see what the lean and mean difference at GFCUSA can do for your bottom line!


What is “Ingredient Sales” in reference to food manufacturing?

Basically, “Ingredient Sales” is matching a customer’s need for food components, additives, supplements and flavorings to those products which we sell and which meet the customer’s purposes for its product(s).

We hope to give you a good overview of what we can provide and make it possible for you to have all your questions answered in full.

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