Grated Cheeses

Our Capabilities:

• Custom Blending
• Private Label Programs
• Flexible Packaging Available
• Product Diversity
• Quality Assurance & Consistency
• Nationwide Distribution

Italian Cheeses

Grated Cheese: (Dry, Shelf Stable)

1. Grated Parmesan Cheese, Imported or Domestic
2. Grated Romano Cheese, Imported or Domestic
3. Grated or Shredded Asiago Cheese
4. Grated Parmesan Blend
5. Grated Romano Blend

Available in:

8oz, 16oz plastic jars packed 12 per case. 12/8oz, 12/16oz
5# plastic bags packed 2 per case or 4 per case. 2/5#, 4/5#
1/25# plastic bag in corrugated box
1/50# plastic bag in corrugated box

Ricotta Cheese: (Refrigerated)
Low moisture, high fat, Red Label
Medium moisture, medium fat, Yellow Label
High moisture, low fat, Black Label

Available in 6/3# plastic tubs

Ricotta Impastata (For Manufacturing)(Refrigerated)

Low moisture, high fat, Red Label
Medium moisture, medium fat, Yellow Label
High moisture, low fat, Black Label

Available in:
1/30# bag in box
35/30# 1,050# Totes

Mozzarella Cheese: (Refrigerated)

Part Skim or Whole Milk

Available in:

8/6# loaves per case.

Cheese Price List  January 1, 2018:

Parmesan  Topping
Item Code       Pack/Size            FOB Plant Price
P338226C        12/6oz Cups                $2.49/ lb.
P338128J         12/8oz Jars                 $2.80/ lb.
P3381216J       12/16oz Jars               $2.80/ lb.
P33845T             4/5 lb. Tubs               $2.10/ lb.
P3388625            2/5 lb. Bags              $1.95/ lb.
P3388645            4/5 lb. Bags              $1.95/lb.
P338125            1/25 lb. Bag in Box    $1.90/lb.

Romano Topping
Item Code       Pack/Size            FOB Plant Price
R338226C        12/6oz Cups                $2.49/ lb.
R338128J         12/8oz Jars                 $2.80/ lb.
R3381216J       12/16oz Jars               $2.80/ lb.
R33845T             4/5 lb. Tubs               $2.10/ lb.
R3388625           2/5 lb. Bags                $1.95/ lb.
R3388645            4/5 lb. Bags               $1.95/lb.
R338125            1/25 lb. Bag in Box    $1.90/lb.

Parmesan and Hard Grating Cheese Blend
Code               Pack/Size            FOB Plant Price
AP6126C          12/6oz Cups               $4.35/ lb.
AP5128J           12/8oz Jars                 $3.85/ lb.
AP51216J       12/16oz Jars                 $3.85/ lb.
AP545T             4/5 lb. Tubs                 $2.75/ lb.
AP525                2/5 lb. Bags                 $2.60/ lb.
AP545                4/5 lb. Bags                 $2.60/ lb.
AP5125            1/25 lb. Bag in Box      $2.55/lb.

Romano and Hard Grating Cheese Blend
Code               Pack/Size            FOB Plant Price
AR6126C          12/6oz Cups               $4.35/ lb.
AR5128J           12/8oz Jars                 $3.85/ lb.
AR51216J       12/16oz Jars                 $3.85/ lb.
AR545T             4/5 lb. Tubs                 $2.75/ lb.
AR525                2/5 lb. Bags                 $2.60/ lb.
AR545                4/5 lb. Bags                 $2.60/ lb.
AR5125            1/25 lb. Bag in Box      $2.55/lb.

Grated Parmesan Cheese
Code               Pack/Size            FOB Plant Price
BP126C          12/6oz Cups                 $4.65/ lb.
BP1128J           12/8oz Jars                 $4.15/ lb.
BP51216J       12/16oz Jars                 $4.15/ lb.
BP145T             4/5 lb. Tubs                 $3.05/ lb.
BP125                2/5 lb. Bags                 $2.90/ lb.
BP145T             4/5 lb. Bags                 $2.90/ lb.
BP1125            1/25 lb. Bag in Box      $2.85/lb.

Grated Romano Cheese
Code               Pack/Size            FOB Plant Price
BR126C          12/6oz Cups                 $4.65/ lb.
BR1128J           12/8oz Jars                $4.15/ lb.
BR51216J       12/16oz Jars                $4.15/ lb.
BR145T             4/5 lb. Tubs                $3.05/ lb.
BR125                2/5 lb. Bags                $2.90/ lb.
BR145T             4/5 lb. Bags                $2.90/ lb.
BR1125            1/25 lb. Bag in Box     $2.85/lb.